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Since I had my surgery, I’ve learned about a tool used by Dr. Joyce Davison, a prominent Canadian researcher in the field of men’s health.

Dr. Davison’s online tool would have been the perfect tool for me to work with prior to my first visit with the nurse navigator. The initial meeting with the Nurse Navigator was conducted while I was still in shock about the whole prostate cancer diagnosis and because of the type of person I am, I would have found this tool of Dr. Davison’s an important tool in helping me make my decision.

The tool, called Profiling Prostate Cancer Patients’ Preferences to Facilitate Treatment Decision Making takes the form of an online survey. The purpose of the survey is to help men identify the amount of information they want to receive to make a treatment decision; the role the man would like to play in making this decision; factors that would have an influence in the decision and the treatment the man is leaning toward.

What it does is ask the user a lot of questions directed to wards finding a predication for the type of treatment he might favour. It removes the long interview with the Nurse Navigator that I found so overwhelming and lets the user answer the questions in their own home at their own time. Then, once the user has an idea of what they might like for treatment, a meeting with the Nurse Navigator to discuss treatment would have a lot more meaning. It’s not a survey per se, but a research-driven tool to help in decision-making.

Whether this type of tool is right for everyone remains to be proved, but I can say that in my case it would have been helpful. In any event, I think it’s just another tool in the battle against prostate cancer that would make an excellent addition to the Pathway now being developed to help streamline the process so more men can be treated faster.

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