Right on target…prostate cancer zapper that won’t ruin your love life: New hope for men with early stage condition after development of new ultrasound that ‘cooks’ tumour

Thousands of men with prostate cancer could be spared incontinence and sex life problems thanks to a highly accurate new way of ‘cooking’ their tumours. At present, many men with early-stage prostate cancer opt to have the whole organ removed, to maximise the chance of being cured. But this approach carries a significant risk of being left incontinent, impotent, or both. Read more

Some experts are wary of prostate tests. But Wayne Sleep says one saved his life: It spotted his cancer – and now he wants EVERY man to get checked

Ten months after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, Wayne Sleep is counting his lucky stars. The disease was spotted thanks to a routine blood test – ‘I just feel so fortunate that it was caught relatively early,’ says the former Royal Ballet star, now 67. The blood test had shown that his levels of prostate specific antigen (PSA), a protein produced by the prostate gland, had suddenly risen from one to five – for a man aged 50 to 59, the reading should be under three, for those aged 60 to 69, under four, and for those 70 and over, under five. Read more