Prostate cancer breakthrough: New blood test that spots aggressive and hard-to detect tumours is hailed more reliable than current options

A new blood can spot ‘hidden’ aggressive prostate cancer tumours by analysing proteins and genes, new research has found. The STHLM3 test was trialled in a large group of 58,818 men to see what difference it made to diagnosing dangerous cancers earlier. Not only was it far more reliable than the standard PSA blood test, but it also revealed the presence of potentially lethal cancers that could easily be missed. Read more

Prostate cancer treatment inconsistencies found in Canada

Some men with low-risk prostate cancer in Canada may be opting for surgery with life-changing side-effects without fully understanding their options, says a new report. When prostate cancer is diagnosed while it is confined to the prostate, it is often treatable, but it can be aggressive in a subset of men, urologists say. Read more