‘Milestone’ prostate cancer drug

The first drug that targets precise genetic mutations in prostate cancer has been shown to be effective in a “milestone” trial by UK scientists. The study, at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, took place on 49 men with untreatable cancer. The drug, olaparib, had low overall success, but slowed tumour growth in 88% of patients with specific DNA mutations. Read more

Left in peril, the men told: You’re too young for a prostate test

Steve Kirkby knew all about the strong history of prostate cancer in his family. It had killed his 74-year-old paternal grandfather, and Steve’s father had been diagnosed with it at the age of 68. His father’s oncologist had said that Steve would need to be checked for the disease when he reached 40. ‘With my family history, I’d known for a long time that it was something I might have to face one day,’ says 44-year-old Steve, a married father of two from Ascot in Berkshire, who works in pharmaceutical healthcare sales. So in March 2011, soon after turning 40, he saw his GP to ask for a prostate specific antigen (PSA) test. Read more