Turning the Corner

The catheter was a minor inconvenience – one that I have, many times in the past few months, wished I could get back. I never got up in the night to go to the bathroom pre-prostate surgery. For the first month after surgery, it was every two hours. Three months after surgery, I was down to one time a night. At first, I remembered the nighttime catheter with some wistfulness; I really would have liked a good night’s sleep. Read more


As April 29 approached, I noticed my moods were all over the map. It was almost like I was bipolar – and I mean no disrespect to people with bipolar disorder. I was depressed, euphoric, angry, distant and goofy – sometimes all in the same day. It must have been tough for my wife and my son to live with me, and the closer the 29th got, the more up and down I became. Read more